Dragon City Online, tricks for the game

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Dragon City Online

On this occasion we are presenting a few Dragon City Online tricks that insurance will be much support to go to the final. Recalls that there is no absence more entertaining to play with your friends, in this way you can invite them to be notice of this expertise playable. In addition, these tips and tricks can help you to achieve certain achievements and earning more points that you can imagine, is so is your choose.

Remember that if you want to achieve legendary dragons and pure dragons, you must cross a dragon of ice and alphine and a midevil dragon. In matter of wanting a pure dragon will have to cross a dragon legendary with different inconvenient legendary dragon will have to support a few times including that you go, here also can obtain it by crossing it with a dragon pirate even though you will have to try more times.

In case that you have a dragon pure Unicorn can receive dragons pure to mixed with the Dragons pure that you want, for example: pure Unicorn dragon + fire dragon gives you a pure dragon’s fire. At singing to gems and legendary dragons, you can watch hundreds of people buying gems for delegation raise legendary Dragons (which translates into many dollars of real money).

Here you don’t need spending nor a single gem for delegation achieved dragons legendary or pure, because you can do so by crossing hybrid dragons that have opposite elements. For example, a dragon of fire with 1 of ice, so that these Dragons keep raising together and dusk or early get rare hybrid dragons with use the dragon city hack tool, so for the archetypal cold fire dragon. Now the point you have 2 rare hybrid dragons, cross them and meager Assembly will have a legendary dragon. So elemental and cheap, and the best thing is that you won’t have to go begging for gems to anyone.

Dragons, dragons basic combinations

Dragon plant
Fire Dragon
Earth Dragon
Water dragon
Electric Dragon
Ice dragon
Metal Dragon
Dark Dragon

Combinations with Earth Dragon

Earth + fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Earth + plant = Tropical or Cactus.
Earth + water = Mud or Waterfall.
Earth + electric = Star or Chameleon.
Earth + ice = Alpine or Snowflake. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Armadillo.
Earth + dark = Hedgehog or Venom. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Poo dragon.

Combinations with fire Dragon

Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Fire + water = Cloud or Blizzard.
Fire + plant = Fuegobird or Spicy.
Fire + electric = Laser or Hot Metal. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Cool Fire or Soccer.
Fire + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk.
Fire + dark = Vampire or dark Flame.

Combinations with water Dragon

Water + Earth = Mud or Waterfall.
Water + Fire = Blizzard or Cloud.
Water + plant = Waterlily or Coral.
Water + electric = Lantern Fish or Storm. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Pirate.
Water + ice = ice cube or Ice Cream.
Water + Metal = Mercury or Seashell. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Petroleum. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Poo dragon.

Combinations with Dragon plant

Plant + Earth = Tropical or Cactus.
Plant + fire = Fuegobird or Spicy.
Plant + water = water lily or Coral. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Gummy.
Plant + ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Plant + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly.
Plant + dark = Carnivore plant or Rattle Snake.

Combinations with electric Dragon

Electric + Earth = Star or Chameleon.
Electric + fire = Laser or Hot Metal.
Electric + water = Lantern Fish or Storm. (See the section of rare hybrids below) = Gummy.
Electric + ice = Fluorescent or Moose.
Electric + Metal = Golden or Battery. Electric + dark = Neon.


The app of the week: Marvel Contest of Champhions Review

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Marvel Contest of Champions App

Them games of fight has been one of those genres more prolific based in comics of superheroes, being a pleasure for them fans to see fight between Yes to them characters of a franchise or publishing. In this genre there have been great games as for example the saga ‘Marvel vs Capcom’, ‘Injustice’, or ‘ Street Fighter vs X-Men’, among others.

Following the current trend of ‘freemium’ games for mobiles, such as the mobile version of ‘ Injustice: God among us’, Marvel launched a new game for Android and iOS based on their popular characters. Developed by the study Kabam, Marvel Contest of Champions is a game completely free, although us gives the possibility of pay to get certain advantages as crystals for buy new characters, improve skills and others options without the need of have that play to the game. If we want to unlock the secrets of the game free of charge we will have to spend quite a few hours and time.

Every day that we go into the game, be it will reward us for free with crystals by using this marvel contest of champions hack tool that you can spend on getting new characters at random or strengthen and raise the level to our heroes.

The control touch is very intuitive and easy of handling, ideal for a game mobile of these features. Press the right side of the screen our character will perform an attack weak, if we keep it, wrestler executed a strong attack, while if you hold down the left side we will make our character to defend it. By sliding the finger forward our character will undertake and if we slide back eschewing. In addition, each fighter has a counter to load can run special attacks demolishes.

However, said system of combat immediately is is short, becoming something repetitive and simple, away from the depth of large games of the gender of fight, although trying to is of this type of games not is you can ask much more, being ideal for take a split fast while going of road to the work or to class.

The roster of characters is very wide and full, having the majority of major Marvel heroes, including currently very popular comics characters or relevant people in the future to the Marvel cinematic universe.

The list of characters comes to 30 fighters in total. Thus, can be used to Cyclops with its current appearance in ‘ Uncanny X-Men’, Magik, Wolverine, Deadpool, colossus, storm Juggernaut and Magneto’s mutant franchise. In guardians of the Galaxy have to Star-Lord, Gamosa, Drax, and Ronan the accuser. Of the Avengers can fight with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawk Eye, the Vision or the Scarlet witch, not to mention other characters such as Spiderman, Ray black, Captain Marvel, the abomination, Punisher or iron fist.

It was confirmed that the game will receive in the future new characters such as Doctor strange, raccoon rocket, Nova, agent Venom, Mr. fantastic, Superior Iron Man and Ultimate Deadpool. A great news, since it will increase the time, already on its wide, game.

Probably the best Marvel Contest of Champions section are its powerful graphics, very elaborate to be a game for smartphones and tablets. Have thus ones characters huge and detailed with excellent animations, accompanied of colorful scenarios that recreate them more famous places of Marvel as it Tower of the Avengers, the sanctuary of the Doctor strange, the room of the throne of Asgard, etc.

Sound meets with a game of this nature, offering some melodies that fit with the superhero game, albeit after a few hours and epic tone end up resulting in repetitive.

In mission mode we have to advance in several rounds of fighting one against one. The mode argument is quite simple, we are part of the collection of the collector, and we have to help him and Kang the Conqueror to dominate the Galaxy, defeating heroes and recruiting new pieces for your collection.

Therefore, the game features dialogues and static images of the characters. In that aspect the game leaves enough to be desired, leans in lack a more elaborate argument or cinematic that tell the story.

Also can play online against players of all the world in the mode versus, or participate in the mode arena where them best classified of a ranking world will get a new hero select able for its roster of fighters.

The greater but the game is the need of being connected to a network to be able to play any game mode, which requires to have access to mobile data or a network wi-fi to connect to play. In addition, between combat and combat load times are quite long and heavy.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a good and attractive game of fight for mobile, highlighting especially in its great paragraph graphic and a varied campus of fighters that will make the delights of all them marvelitas. To that must be added that it is a free downloadable game, which becomes a great choice for our mobile devices and to pass the time by throwing a few games with our favorite superheroes.