How does Patch Tires Safe

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Obstacle when driving always
Happens like a flat tire in the middle of the road, so inevitably you have to patch your vehicle tires trip . But that does not mean the problem is completed, because in many instances the quality of the tire tool and how the tire is not good.

Poor tire repairman work has been experienced by carreviewshow many road users especially motorcyclists. It is most often the case is precisely the motorcycle tires sobe (of course with tricks repairman). Thus, the vehicle owner will be forced to change with the new tires though very forced.
Nonetheless, the highway still helped by the presence of the tire repairman cars and motorcycles that are d ɪ ̇ ̣ the roadside.

How the heck do I tire quality , In general, how repairman edge of the highway that we often encounter is correct, but why the results of their fillings are not good.
This is because no opportunity fillings dry tires. We often see is the finished tire patched so directly put back and the wind filled in.
If so how of course the results of their fillings will not last long, just walk a few meters has been deflated again. Supposedly experienced first test Use water after about five minutes.

How different would a car tire with a tire means the motor.
This is because most of the cars now, especially private cars are already using tubeless type tires yaήğ certainly different ways to patch the tire fitted inner tube.

How tubeless string
True to its name “string” means filling tubeless tire uses a special kind of rope so-called “patchwork string tubeless”
How string tubeless tire is very easy because only enter a “string” of the outside tire by being stabbed. But how tubeless string is actually less secure. In addition, there are still leaks breeze (at local patches) can also reduce the durability of the tire itself.
By the way, the string tire tire construction will be interrupted (wire / thread can be broken). Besides, in the long term the former fillings will bubble and .happens next is predictable.

The way the system patched bullet.
The way this car tire tire similar to the way strings are just different media alone.

How patchwork Tire Patch
Patch tire tire patch is almost similar to the way a tire in a motorcycle / car burned, it’s just the way tubeless tire from the inside, so it should take off the tires first.

How patchwork system combi
Patch tire combi system is typically used when a flat tire puncture due to sharp objects like nail punctured. Combi spherical filling material and attached with special glue (a type of cement) on the inside of the tire. Furthermore, the air pressure will help the process of sticking fillings to the inside of the tire while closing the hole. However patchwork combi system is only able to patch most, approximately 6mm.

How tire thermopress
way this patch can only be done in a special place. As
the name suggests “thermopress” that way patched it does ultimately using a press at a temperature of about 1500 ° C as long as needed, usually about one hour to two hours.
After reading the above description can be concluded that the technique of patch of the more durable and secure than on technique patching from the outside.


Small Kitchen Interior Design for Your Home Asri

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Who says the peaceful and beautiful impression can only be applied to the room such as a living room, bedroom, and others? Turns kitchen can also be a convenient place and beautiful, so make your family and linger there. Beautiful kitchen does not mean kitchen located outside the home, such as in the garden. The interior design small kitchen beautiful can be realized with a few tips and tricks that are easy on your home. Minimalist kitchen design on the theme  will beautify your small kitchen.

Bright green wall

For the interior design of tiny little kitchen minimalist theme, choose a bright green color for your walls. Why the green light? Because just like white, bright colors can give the impression of a room. In addition, light green or light green usually represents a new young plants grow. If you use the bright green color on the walls of your kitchen, but can reconcile your heart, you can be expected to be the spirit of the activity in the kitchen.

Small kitchen design natural shades (Rhgpublicity)

Plants hanging on the wall

Go Green to leave the impression of a more viscous, why do not you insert a native ornamental plants in your small kitchen? You can hang your plants near a wall with a small white pot. You can also put a small plant you in every corner of the room or on the kitchen table if it does not make you a hassle. In addition to beautify your kitchen, these plants also neutralize the dirty air released by steam or heat caused by cooking.

wood furniture

Your kitchen to be less environmentally friendly if the furniture is made of stainless steel. The interior design is minimalist small kitchen will look more beautiful and riveting if by furniture made of timber. Keep furniture that have white or cream so that it can match the color of the walls. Supposing your wall is the foliage, and the furniture you are stem or stalk. Very pretty, is not it?

Window overlooking the garden

To better appreciate the natural feel on the inside and outside, you can put a large window overlooking the garden or your yard beautiful. If your building already there was no window, you can put the painting landscape with views that are not too complicated, so you do not abandon a minimalist impression in your kitchen.

That series of tips and tricks for interior design small kitchen themed Go Green. You can also create your own creations as long as it can mix and match the natural elements in the kitchen. Are you interested in “greening” your kitchen?